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How to Create Quality Backlinks(Free)?

The broken-link building method

As a link-building tactic, broken link building is a white-hat, effective, scalable, content-focused link-building strategy that builds links through finding broken links, recreating that broken content, and helping webmasters replace broken links with your corrected link.
Broken link building may perhaps be the most effective, white-hat link-building strategy in years. In particular, broken link building is appealing because the success of the campaign is directly proportional to how much good you do for the web. You profit only if you create good content to replace lost or abandoned content that webmasters still want to link to. This is the type of strategy that marries so many of the competing interests of our industry: content vs. links, link earning vs link building, inbound vs. outbound, etc.

Backlinks through infographics

Five steps to backlink generation using infographics

  • Content creation. The first step is to obviously create the infographic
  • Infographic publication and submission
  • Potential websites search
  • Email addresses collection
  • Email outreach campaign

The advantage of guest articles

Guest posting is a simple but effective way to improve your content marketing strategy. Content is crucial for SEO as well as engaging your readers. Guest posting simply means publishing posts written by others. This can be another blogger in your niche, a content creation agency or someone you hire specifically for this purpose. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of guest posting on your blog.

Spy on your competitors.

Secret techniques on how to spy on the competition Follow their blogs and social media profiles. This is where you should start

  • Track their brand
  • Find out what technologies they’re using
  • Check their popularity
  • Check keywords they buy
  • Check their SEO
  • Check their display ads
  • Check their backlinks

Build internal links

Create lots of content. In order to create lots of internal links, you have to have lots of internal pages

  • Use anchor text
  • Link deep
  • Use links that are natural for the reader
  • Use relevant links
  • Use follow links
  • Use a reasonable number of internal links

Promote your content

  • Send an email broadcast
  • Engage with your community
  • Pay to promote
  • Reach out on social media
  • Connect with influencers outside of social
  • Ask to include your content
  • Write for others

Write testimonials

Determine what story you want to tell. You want your testimonials to tell a story about your product and business

  • Ask specific questions
  • Keep it short and conversational
  • Use the customer’s name and include pictures, if possible
  • Quote testimonial
  • Social testimonial
  • Influencer testimonial

Contact journalists and important bloggers

From feature stories to quick mentions in relevant articles, getting your online content covered by a popular newspaper, magazine or blog is a great way to strengthen your brand and reach a huge online audience.

The only problem is that it’s hard – really hard – for most startups, entrepreneurs and marketers to attract the attention of the media.

Until recently, attracting media coverage required one of two things: a press release, or a press conference.

While any marketer can afford to write and distribute a press release, few get noticed. Leading press release distribution services send out thousands of new releases a day, the vast majority of which are quickly glanced at by journalists before being discarded.

Press conferences might be better at attracting attention, but they’re prohibitively expensive for most small businesses and require noteworthy news that appeals not just to a small audience, but to the general public.

Luckily, there’s another way to get your content in front of journalists, bloggers and mainstream media influencers.

By understanding how journalists and bloggers find things to write about, you can market your content not to appeal to a wide audience, but to appeal to a specific audience of people capable of spreading your message further. You can also download our free ebook to find out the essential skills you need to maximize the impact of your content marketing.

Below, we’ve put together a simple strategy that you can use to locate journalistic “hotspots” in your industry, discover which content is most likely to spread, and strategically share your new content to deliberately attract the attention of journalists.

Get interviewed

When people talk about interview link building, they mostly talk about expert interviews, you interview experts on your blog in the hope that they will then share your interview and link to it.

But doing the opposite also works. If you have interesting hobbies or any kind of expertise, there are likely dozens of blogs and podcasts that would be happy to interview you and you may find getting interviewed easier than finding experts to interview.

As an added bonus, getting interviewed helps you build relationships by offering genuine value and build backlinks in a non sleazy way.

And since people will send you a list of questions to answer or at least guide the process if it’s a podcast, getting interviewed requires little preparation compared to other techniques such as guest posting.

This makes interview link building one of the best link building strategies for new bloggers and business owners.

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